Xena finds Callisto and the two battle on ladders. Would you two like to do that again while I watch? Gabrielle is a little put out that Xena doesn't seem to realise she can do her share of the fighting. Gabrielle gets what she needs from her. She was also given the power to timetravel in Hercules by Hope, but only used it once. In Tartarus she discovers her son, Solon, and escorts him to the Elysian Fields. Women, sex, bondage, a whip and a black fur rug.
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Xena Chronological Timeline in History

Neither of them might get there in time or be deemed credible witnesses, but she thought it worth trying. The drug is working fast, robbing her of balance and consciousness. Her eyes were closed, and she had blood on her. Genaed rose from his chair and glowered at the assemblage. Last edited by Garthanos; Friday, 25th June, at She was captured twice and escaped twice, the second time after being sentenced to life in prison. Xena finally rolled her head toward Gabrielle, catching the green eyes observing her.
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Callisto's Journey

The Amazon traditions begin to irritate Gabrielle. Gabrielle is tricked into killing a priestess, loosing her 'Blood Innocence'. Xena and Gabrielle both go to Poteideia but not together and save the town and Gabrielle's family from destruction. Xena is shocked to learn that she is pregnant again since she hasn't had much of a love life lately. Gabrielle asks Xena to relate her fantasies about the God of War and is inspired.
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Callisto moans and her eyes slit open, face bruised, swollen, and bloody. She makes an ally of the new Emperor, Octavius. He goes down, unconscious. She tricks Ares into helping her defeat Athena. I expect to rest undisturbed. Before Callisto stands Gabrielle. She scoots as close as possible so they are pressed together.
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Callisto and xena gabrielle

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