Experiments taking advantage of the expression of green fluorescent protein GFP in transgenic animals is likely to enhance two-photon excitation imaging in vivo. Additionally, because there is no absorption in out-of-focus specimen areas, more of the excitation light penetrates through the specimen to the plane of focus. This causes the loss of many species or a degradation of the environment. Bacteria are also common in this region. After that, you'll want to go for the APDS shells; these shells have a very high value of penetration and will let you damage heavier tanks.
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What is the longest, deepest and largest hole ever drilled on earth?

Wingate had ideas of deep penetration operations that could be made possible through improvements in the range of communication devices and airborne supply by long range aircraft. Successful treatment of acneiform scarring with CO 2 ablative fractional resurfacing. In a frontal attack, it will be easily penetrated by almost anything the enemy throws at it. Also, I would like to know what type of mud system was used and what type of drilling bit was run. Rahman et al 10 also reported on the Fraxel device showing qualitative improvements in the treatment of photodamage, melasma, and rhytids.
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Rod of the Deep Hunter - Official Pillars of Eternity Wiki

The benefit of localized excitation is that emission is restricted to the narrow focal region, providing sectioning ability without the use of a pinhole. Two-photon excitation is a relatively old theoretical concept in quantum optics. As an example, an infrared laser of about nanometer wavelength can produce three-photon excitation of an ultraviolet-absorbing fluorophore at nanometers and simultaneously cause two-photon excitation of a green-absorbing fluorophore at nanometers. Two-photon excitation microscopy offers great utility for dynamic imaging of living cells in thick specimens, such as intact tissue. This dramatic difference between the excitation regions of confocal and two-photon excitation microscopy can be demonstrated by imaging the photobleaching patterns of each method.
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Initially the specimen was imaged using descanned detection at a depth micrometers near the maximum that provided some intensity contrast Figure 8 a. Many species in this region are coloured red or black. Although these systems can be powered from regular electrical outlets and do not require water cooling, they are considerably more expensive than the small air-cooled lasers employed in confocal microscopy. Another detriment of air drilling is bits going out of gauge, which is prevalent when hard, abrasive quartzite sands are drilled. If you use the terrain to your advantage you'll usually be able to fire one to three shots, then start moving forwards and backwards, thus making it a lot harder for the enemy to hit you.
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